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Supplemental Medical Insurance Definition. Think about your overall budget. Supplemental insurance includes a variety of policies that can be offered by employers or purchased on their own, including:

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Supplemental medical insurance is designed to cover expenses above and beyond what the policyholder’s health care plan covers. Also, your primary health insurance policy may already offer coverage for something like cancer, negating the usefulness of cancer insurance. But supplemental health insurance may not be necessary, depending on the scope of the person's major medical coverage and their specific circumstances.


Supplemental insurance plans provide that extra boost of protection to help you pay for unexpected bills that aren’t covered by your standard health insurance plan. Medicare supplement policy means a group or individual policy of [accident and sickness] insurance or a subscriber contract [of hospital and medical service associations or health maintenance organizations], other than a policy issued pursuant to a contract under section 1876 of the federal social security act (42 u.s.c. Think dental coverage, accidental insurance and critical illness insurance — life happens, and having a good supplemental insurance plan will provide you with that peace of mind to help reduce your out. Think about your overall budget.