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Small Business Insurance Bc Cost. Business insurance can cover the property owned by a company (buildings, vehicles, inventory, tools, equipment, office supplies etc.), the cost of potential legal action against the business related to the work it does, and things like lost revenue if a fire, flood or technological glitch makes you unable to do business for a certain period of. In an analysis of 28,000 small business owners' commercial insurance policies purchased through insureon, the median cost of a general liability policy was $42 per month or $500 per year.

Office Insurance | Small Business Insurance | Workplace Insurance
Office Insurance | Small Business Insurance | Workplace Insurance from

The cost of your insurance policy will vary according to factors such as: Personal health insurance starting at $1 a day*. To get a better understanding of how much your insurance will cost, you can use our online coaching tool.

Office Insurance | Small Business Insurance | Workplace Insurance

Call our customer care number at 1 888 654 6030. Once the basic costs associated with administering the issuance of a liability insurance for a small business in canada are covered off the primary factors in determining liability insurance cost is established by having a complete and clear understanding of what the business is doing to generate revenue. It’s a holistic approach to building a risk and insurance portfolio that will help you accomplish your business goals. Business insurance seems expensive to me.