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Medical Insurance Terms Explained. The percentage you’re required to pay for healthcare services. Your share of the cost for a covered health care service, usually calculated as a percentage (like 20%) of the allowed amount for the service.

Glossary Of Key International Insurance Terms
Glossary Of Key International Insurance Terms from

These terms are essential in determining your health insurance costs and payments. These payments are due at certain times of the month, quarter or year. Medical terms explained this alphabetical list contains explanations of medical words you may come across on the rcog website or when you see your doctor.

Glossary Of Key International Insurance Terms

A health insurance policy extends coverage against medical expenses incurred owing to accidents, illness or injury. Key terms in medical insurance: To help clear up the confusion and empower patients, here are 12 health insurance terms that every patient needs to know. Coinsurance is usually a percentage, such as 10 percent.