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Medical Expense Insurance Policy. If m incurs a $2,200 claim for an eligible medical expense, how much will m receive in payment for this claim? Since medical expenses if often considered a “goodwill” coverage to prevent further liability from arising, i am not familiar with any standalone policies that are written seperately

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To make a claim, please first contact your medical insurance to determine which company is responsible for paying for the medical expenses. Most businesses have a cgl insurance policy. Medical payments coverage pays emergency medical expenses for bodily injury to you if you were hurt on someone else’s property.

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Health insurance helps pay for health care costs in the event of an injury, illness or disability. Hospital expense insurance is insurance coverage that protects policyholders against losses associated with being treated in a hospital for a medical issue. Basic medical expenseinsurance (often referred to as first dollarinsurance) pays benefits up front without the patient having to first satisfy a deductible. Coverage for medical expenses under an auto insurance policy when getting an auto insurance quote, there are several coverage options for medical expenses.