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Medical Deductible Gap Insurance. Why is gap health insurance important? As the name implies, medical gap insurance supplements a healthcare insurance plan by helping pay for medical costs that are accrued before a plan’s deductible level has been reached.

Group Gap Plans — Centennial General Agency
Group Gap Plans — Centennial General Agency from

Get a free quote and close the gap today! You'll pay one deductible per claim, but each time you make a claim during a term, you will have to pay it again until you reach your limit. Combining the premium saver with certain high deductible health plans can deliver the health coverage groups want and can afford.

Group Gap Plans — Centennial General Agency

What is gap health insurance? How a gap insurance plan works. To get the biggest impact, raise the deductible on your major medical policy. Gap insurance is in a category of insurance known as limited benefit. no matter how bad a person's situation, the plan will pay out only a certain amount of.