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Health Insurance Restaurant Employees. Personalized health insurance for members of the national restaurant association. Finding health insurance that fits your budget can be hard.

Healthcare: What Options Do Restaurants Have?
Healthcare: What Options Do Restaurants Have? from

The retention power of providing health benefits is undeniable, and there are ways to make it work (which we’ll cover below). Restaurant workers rarely receive fringe benefits. Health care and wellness in your workplace have never been more important, and restaurants have a major opportunity to let their teams know during the open enrollment period for employee benefits.

Healthcare: What Options Do Restaurants Have?

Just 14.4 percent of restaurant workers receive health insurance from their employer, compared with roughly half (48.7 percent) of other workers. Just 21 percent provide dental, and 18 percent offer vision insurance. Arby's restaurant offers a suitable health insurance for its team members that covers a most basic and some complex medical procedures. The rha benefit trust is not available in all states.