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Dog Medical Insurance Cost. Shop dog insurance plans that cover wellness, illness, accidents & more. Surgery to fix a torn acl from, say, a poorly executed jump off the sofa can cost about $3,300.

Pet - Anthem Insurance Group, Inc
Pet - Anthem Insurance Group, Inc from

The cost of your dog insurance will vary depending on what’s included in your policy. Besides the type and amount of coverage you select, the estimated cost of dog insurance can also depend on your furry friend's breed, age, and location. The amount you pay each month to keep your insurance active.

Pet - Anthem Insurance Group, Inc

For less money than you pay for a night out at the movies, you can get a monthly plan that will cover many kinds of medical procedures. For pet insurance, premiums typically range between $10 and $900 per month per pet. Dogs are generally more expensive to insure than cats, with the average premium for dogs standing at £174*** per year and for cats £90**** a year. Cancer treatments can easily run $5,000;