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Condo Insurance Water Damage. It can be a pipe that bursts because of the frost, the drain pipe of the washing machine that breaks or the bathtub that overflows. Damage caused by a sudden accidental release of water in your condo unit, like a burst pipe or a dishwasher leak, is covered, but protection against other types of water damages can be a.

Homeowners Insurance & Water Damage - Nationwide
Homeowners Insurance & Water Damage - Nationwide from

Does condo insurance cover all water damage? Other water damage may not be covered. The new law requires both condominium associations and unit owners to provide, upon request, information related to water damage and water peril insurance.

Homeowners Insurance & Water Damage - Nationwide

As long as the water damage is in your unit specifically, you're usually covered for damage from the following: This type of damage occurs most commonly due to pipe breaks, rain or melting ice, and even includes water damage from a fire sprinkler system discharge or the water damage caused from the fire department extinguishing a fire. Coverage for specific water damage is found in your policy, and enhanced water coverage* and limited sewer. Who is responsible for damage caused by a water leak?