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Condo Insurance Unit Additional Protection. • unit additional protection coverage insures the original strata unit itself (for example, walls, ceiling, floors) so that unit owners are protected in the event the strata corporation’s insurance is insufficient. You need your own condo insurance to protect your personal belongings and to cover any improvements after a renovation you’ve done in your unit.

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Many condominium owners make improvements and minor alterations to their individual units. Unit additional protection (covers your unit itself in case the condo corporation does not have adequate insurance that will fully cover a loss to your unit) please connect with us to ensure that you have adequate coverage to protect you and your family. Betterments and improvements to a unit could involve new flooring.

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There are two important considerations if you’re renting out your condo: In the event the condo association’s insurance cannot provide sufficient coverage, unit additional coverage may be able to help cover costs. This can protect your income should your unit be unfit for occupancy. Our condo insurance includes protection to cover upgrades to your unit and loss of common elements in your building.