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Condo Insurance Florida Ho 6. Compare 160+ carriers online & save up to $300. Condo insurance not only protects your belongings from damage or destruction, it also includes liability coverage that could protect you if you are sued.

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Ho6 is designed for condo owners. While condo insurance, or ho6 insurance, isn't required by florida law, your mortgage lender or homeowner's association likely do require it. Condominium owners may be entitled to their condos and everything within, but the exteriors of the house, including any lawn or landscaping, are all under the purview of the.

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A lot of people have ho6 insurance because they are required to if they have a mortgage on the condo. Ho 00 06 10 00 includes copyrighted material of insurance services office, inc., copyright, insurance services office, inc., 1999 page 3 of 20 deductible unless otherwise noted in this policy, the following deductible provision applies: Start your free online quote and save $610. The policy provides coverage for the areas that the insured is responsible.