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Condo Insurance Covers What. The insurance provided by a condo corporation covers the main structure and common areas. Condo insurance can also help cover legal costs if you’re found responsible for a guest’s injury or damage to someone else’s property

Condo Insurance - Similar But Not The Same.
Condo Insurance - Similar But Not The Same. from

How much condo insurance you need largely depends on the master policy of your association. What does condo insurance cover? The condo owner's personal possessions;

Condo Insurance - Similar But Not The Same.

Get a free quote online today or speak to our chat support team. A typical condo corporation's insurance policy for a condo building covers only the main structure and the common areas such as the lobby, elevators, and gym. Condo insurance is coverage that can be invaluable if you’re a condo owner facing unexpected expenses. The recommended condo insurance coverage includes dwelling, personal property, personal liability, additional living expenses (loss of use) and loss assessment.