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Cheap Car Insurance Uk No Claims Bonus. Maybe an adverse claims history has knocked your no claims bonus back to zero, or you’re simply insuring a. The higher your no claims discount is, the greater the discount allowed on your policy will be as.

How Does My No Claims Bonus Work |
How Does My No Claims Bonus Work | from

A no claims bonus is built up each year that you drive and do not claim on your insurance. Fortunately, we’re not most insurance companies. Drivers who rack up years of no claims bonuses can see their car insurance premiums drop considerably.

How Does My No Claims Bonus Work |

Here’s a summary of what discount the main car insurers in ireland offer: I have used websites such as comparethemeerkats or whatever and you can actually select an option that will only show insurers that accept ncd's from other non eu countries, so i know it can be done. This works out to be more cost efficient for insurers, who ultimately have to pay out less in repairs, and also results in cheaper car insurance for motorists. If you have insurance on a car in most of the eu countries your insurance premium is usually reduced for each year where you don't cause an accident.