Car Insurance For Teenager With Divorced Parents at Car Insurance

Car Insurance For Teenager With Divorced Parents. Adding a teen to your auto insurance can make your rates rise by more than 200 percent. If both parents own cars that will be driven by the teenager, then each parent must insure their respective vehicles. from

If you’re a divorced parent of a teen driver, you need to work out the issue of whether your child will be on your car insurance policy or that of your ex, or both. By big “i” virtual university faculty. Primarily, the difference will lay in where the teenager’s prime residency is located.

To save money, some divorced parents try not to include their teen driver in any of their insurance policies. In a divorce with teenage kids of driving age, the parent who owns the car driven by the teenager must pay the car insurance. Some companies may require that the parent with custody add the teenage driver to their policy. Besides the fact that good auto insurance coverage is often required by law, it's also a smart financial decision that may protect you from shelling out a ton of money if an accident.