Car Insurance App That Tracks Your Driving at Car Insurance

Car Insurance App That Tracks Your Driving. Insurance companies now offer spy devices that monitor driving habits. A dongle that plugs into your car and an app that you download onto your smartphone.

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Usually your mechanic uses it to see that your engine is. It can be either a small hard wired device installed in your car or a smartphone app, or a combination of both. Total mileage (e.g., driving short distances, road trips) time of day (e.g., late night driving, rush hour)


Desjardins insurance has launched a smartphone app that tracks driver behaviour in return for the promise of substantial savings on car insurance, including up to a 25 per cent discount on insurance. Quite a few companies have such programs. Users can receive a discount of up to 25 per cent on their premium at renewal for a minimum of 120. It even offers tips on how you can improve.